e-Brochure/ e-Catalogue/  e-Book is an online digital document to make you enjoy the benefits of offline business catalog, offering easy page-move and full of information just like an actual catalog. As long as you are connected to internet, you can always see it and distribute it worldwide, without installation of any program. By accurate information and vivid images of products, it provides satisfactory shopping of high quality. It is becoming a very important part of B2B market place.

e-Catalogue/ e-Brochure is something, which contains all your site details like an ordinary catalogue/ brochure has. As this concept is not so popular, so let us make it more understandable for you. It contains all the site details of your products, including all types of photographs also.

To bring your existing catalogues and brochures on the web, we have this excellent method to convert all your catalogues and brochures to the electronic format to enable anyone view the same without any additional software requirements to view/print out a copy. It also offers the facility of zoom in and zoom out, for a clear view and can also be printed very clearly and nicely in comparison to an HTML page. And ofcourse, we can’t forget it’s one of the advantageous qualities, that it can be downloaded and viewed offline. You can convert almost any document or pictures into e-catalogue/ e-brochure. Be it your Products, Company Profile, Annual Report, Any Official meeting Photos, Family Photos and drawing etc. We undertake any type of assignment to convert the same in electronic format.

You can circulate the same by email or on CDs anywhere, which is the most cheapest way of circulating the formatted documents electronically. In addition to above, the major advantage of the e-catalogue/ e-brochure is, nobody can copy or extract the content from e-catalogue made.

Benefits of e-Brochure/ eCatalogue/ e-Book?

  •     e-Catalogue provides accurate information and vivid images of products.
  •     e-Catalogue provides easy and flexible page-move.
  •     e-Catalogue provides magnified images of products in the catalog.
  •     e-Catalogue provides images that are not broken nor blurry even in the magnified pictures etc.

 Download sample e-brochures :

Amrapali Kanha
Amrapali Platinum
Amrapali IMT Manesar
Amrapali Cosmos, Kochi
Amrapali Village – Phase-II
Amrapali Modern City – Indore
Amrapali Grand – Greater Noida
Amrapali Tech Part, Greater Noida
Amrapali Multiplex Mall, Muzaffarpur
Big Sensitivity
Big Opportunity
Life Insurance
Album – Asli Baharan Punjab Diyan, UK based Punjab Dance Group


How to Order?

Send us scanned pages of the document, you want to convert into ebrochure/ ebook or catalogue OR send hard copy of the same we will get that hard copy scanned at our end. The charges for scanning will be Rs.10/- per page.

Cost/ Charges :

The cost for preparing the ebrochure/ ebook or ecatalogue will be as per following :

Pages upto 25 Nos. :  Rs.7,500/-  (US$150)

Pages more then 25 but less then 50 Nos.  : Rs.12,500/- (US$250)

If pages are more then 50 nos. Then contact us at info@accosoftindia.com OR call us at   +91 9417038687 .

Delivery Time  :  3-4 working days

You can make payment by depositing cash in our ICICI Bank account through any of the ICICI Bank branches in India. Click here to find your nearest ICICI Bank Branch. Please send an Email to us after remitting the payment.

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Account No.      : 632205004491

International Client can send funds as per following payment methods. We accept credit card payments through Paypal only.

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